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【Leakage Diary】 Ho Man Tin victory ave apartment | Ceiling Leakage

Updated: Apr 22

Today I wanted to share, a recent experience regarding a leakage at a apartment in Ho Man Tin victory ave 。

Tony getting more data with moisture meter, to prove the leakage is from the apartment upstair

At the start, our customer did not realised that they are having a leakage until the owner below called the Food and health department for a leakage inspection/ test. However our customer is not available for a slot to do such test.

Soon after multiple warnings and letters from the department of food and health, the customer hired our help to do a inspection at the bathroom, to understand where is the leak, and understand how it was developed.

looking at the test results and data, our expert Tony. Found out the toilet is where the leak is. To be frank, It is at the pipe connecting between the toilet and the wall. We believed it was cause by improper install of the pipes

After explaining the cause of the leak to the customer, we suggested the customer, to fix toilet in order to stop the leak, and fix the issue at hand.

We hope to share this story to you. As we understand a water leak is hard to fix yet even more frustrating to find the source. If you have leak, please fix it ASAP, to not cause any more damages yourselves as well as your neighbours.

If you are struggling to find the source of a water leak, feel free to contact us! We would provide our expertise to effectively deal with your problems.

Please follow us if you want more information about water leaks and how to fix them!


Hong Kong Leakage Expert TAPPRO is an integrated professional team formed by registered professionals from the Buildings Department and recognized laboratories accredited by the Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HOKLAS). It is equivalent to the relationship between orthopedic surgeons and X-ray machines in laboratories. After detailed testing procedures and results, treatment methods can only be determined by a doctor's diagnosis.

The entire team of TAPPRO has experience in handling over 20,000 leakage cases, and its founder is Hong Kong's first leakage expert.

TAPPRO guarantees to provide a preliminary assessment within 2 days. Each case is handled by professionals throughout the process, making it faster than traditional testing companies or public adjudication in the market, without waiting for weeks, and the pricing is fair and reasonable.

The professional services provided by TAPPRO include:

  1. Professional and scientific leakage detection to identify the source of leaks.

  2. Addressing issues related to buildings.

  3. Handling building inspection orders (including for buildings and private units).

  4. Dealing with unauthorized building works orders or other relevant building regulations.

  5. Submitting plans to buildings for changes in use, etc.

Contact Us:

Phone: +852 5926 2799

Email Address:

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