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【Leakage Diary】Ma Wan Apartment Case

We want to share with you today a leakage problem in a penthouse unit in Ma Wan, hoping to inspire everyone.

The homeowner initially encountered a serious leakage problem, where there were leaks in the ceilings of the toilet, corridor, and some rooms.

The unit above was a duplex unit with a platform. Since the homeowners upstairs were willing to cooperate, the downstairs homeowners sought the assistance of a leakage expert to try to locate the source of the leak.

However, despite multiple tests, including dye water tests on the platform, no clues were found. So, the downstairs homeowners immediately contacted leakage expert TONY for help in finding the source of the leak.

When TONY went to the trial unit to conduct inspections, he found a large area of accumulated water on the platform stairs leading to the rooftop of the building from the unit above. The exterior wall tiles on the wall also showed a large area of efflorescence. It was deduced that the wall tiles on the stairs had deteriorated, causing water to leak from the exterior wall onto the platform.

Later, during an inspection of the storage room on the upper unit's platform, it was found that the floor of the storage room was lower than the platform (measured by the concrete surface), and traces of colored water leakage were found inside the room under UV light. Therefore, both unit homeowners and the management office were immediately notified of the findings.

Finally, through TONY's professional analysis, it was discovered that the entire leakage route started from the wall of the stairs in the upper unit, flowing onto the platform, and then leaking into the storage room before dripping downstairs.

What was most astonishing was that the storage room on the rooftop did not have a waterproof layer, and no construction had been carried out by the developer of the upper unit after handing over, causing the leakage to propagate much faster than a typical leakage event.

This case shows us the damage that leakage problems can cause to neighboring properties, and rooftop leakage problems are even more troublesome.

So, remember, if you have any leakage problems, be sure to contact TAPPRO for assistance immediately.

For more information about leakage problems, please follow our leakage expert blog.

Thank you for reading!


Hong Kong Leakage Expert TAPPRO, was founded by a registered practitioner recognized by the Buildings Department and a laboratory accredited by the Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HOKLAS).

The professional team operates in a similar manner to orthopedic surgeons and X-ray machines in laboratories. After detailed testing procedures and results, treatment methods are determined by medical professionals.

TAPPRO's team has handled over 20,000 leakage cases, with its founder being Hong Kong's first leakage expert. TAPPRO guarantees preliminary assessment within 2 days, with each case handled by professionals throughout, faster than traditional testing companies or regulatory bodies in the market, without waiting for weeks, and at a fair and reasonable price.

TAPPRO's professional services include:

1. Professional and scientific leakage detection to locate the source of leakage

2. Addressing issues related to buildings

3. Handling building inspection orders (including buildings and private units)

4. Dealing with building orders related to unauthorized building works or other building regulations

5. Submitting plans to building departments for change of use, etc.

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Phone: +852 5926 2799

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