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Data Driven.

TAPPRO is founded by an Tony Pau (Authorized Person by the Building Authority), and partnered a laboratory being accredited by HOKLAS (Hong Kong Laboratory Accredited Scheme) as the professional team.


Our partnership operates like the orthopedist and X-ray Laboratory. Our conclusions required an Exhaustive investigations in order to identify the root cause of water seepage/leakage. 

TAPPRO has over 20000 cases experiences on water seepage/leakages, whom recognised as expert of water leakage. 


TAPPRO guaranteed to provide free professional advises within 2 days after date of enquiry, and all the enquiries would be handled by professional (ie Authorized Person).


TAPPRO stands out from other surveying firms by providing a more thorough data-driven analysis and a cost-effective solution to the issue at hand.

TAPPRO Professional Services

1. Scientific Methodology Investigation to identify the root cause of water seepage/leakage

2. Relevant Issues/Defects at Buildings

3. Professional Consultancy on MBIS (Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme) and MWIS (Mandatory Window Inspection Scheme) for Buildings and Private Units

4. Professional Consultancy on Building Orders issued by Building Department regarding Unauthorized Building Works (UBW) and others

5. Submission of GBP (General Building Plans) / Statutory Plans to Building Department for Proposed Alteration and Addition Works

What is "Water Seepage"?


Seepage of water is water seeping through wall or water flowing from one place to another because of presence of small holes due to any breakage or because of porous materials.

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What is 
"Water Leakage"?

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Leakage of water is water leaking through a rack, crevice, fissure, or hole which admits water or other fluid at the wall or ceiling construction materials.

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What is a "Scientific Methodology Investigation"?

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It means the inspection would adopt scientific instruments to investigate the root cause of water seepage/leakage, instead of by visual inspection or practical experiences of workers. 

Whenever people encounter water leakage problems, they usually contact the Joint Offices for Investigation of Water Seepage Complaints or a Surveyor Firm in the market. According to statistics from Audit Commission of HKSAR, there were approx. 30,000 complaints received about water seepage in buildings every year, but only 30-40% of them were successfully identified the root causes.  Therefore, many people will seek the help of Surveyor Firm to help.   However, due to lack of knowledge of construction industries, they sometimes do not know whether the professional qualifications in the Surveyor Firm were appropriate, even the differences with Authorized Person.

What is "Authorized Person – AP” ?

To obtain the qualification of Authorised Person, he must obtain the qualification of Registered Architect accredited by Architects Registration Board.  The examination would be conducted through a interview with a group of construction professionals, including Registered Structure Engineer, E&M Consultants, Authorised Signatory of Registered Contractor, Authorized Person and Representatives of Building Department.  Therefore, it's very difficult to pass the examination in order to obtain the "Authorized Person" title.

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